Regional labour market and depopulation – an assessment of the situation in the Podkarpackie Voivodeship


Currently, the aging population is an important phenomenon facing Europe. This study
focuses on demographic changes and their importance for the labour market that are becoming
a more noticeable problem in Poland. The conditions of depopulation have a significant
impact on the size of labour demand and supply.
The article characterizes selected factors that determine the phenomenon of depopulation
and its impact on labour market changes. The main aim of this study is to present the situation
on the Polish modern labour market (using the example of Podkarpackie Voivodeship) within
the context of assessing the dynamics of changes in selected parameters in relation to the
process of current and future depopulation. The researchers used the desk research method
and descriptive statistical analysis to analyze the data. In addition, there was an analysis of
the following demographic measures: age dependency ratio, total fertility rate (TFR),
population growth, and net migration. Additionally, the authors describe the statistical
measures related to the labour market such as e.g. registered unemployment rate. The time
range includes the years 2012–2018 and forecasts from current time until 2050.

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